Tuesday, 7 June 2011


I have this fear of belly buttons. Just talking about it makes me cringe. I DISLIKE POP OUT BELLY BUTTONS VERY MUCH. Have you ever thought of getting a pin and poking a the poop out belly button and then it explodes with blood. Well i have. I have a innie or whatever belly button... which is yuck. BELLY BUTTONS ARE YUCK AND SHOULDN'T BE INVENTED. who ever invented is disturbing.
Thanks for reading !

see why i hate them? i think i'm going to be sick !

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  1. Well Danielle, I'm pretty sure God created the bellybutton when he created humans. However maybe Adam and Eve didn't have one so they drew some on, and then when they had a baby, it had a reall bellybutton on it! Just my thought!Nice post though!