Tuesday, 31 May 2011

who's actually reading what i'm saying ?

I was wondering if I'm writing these blogs for nothing ? Who actually reads it ?  so many questions but there all true... am i wasting my time on here by writing all this stuff that no one reads ? who knows.


i don't want to go to school tomorrow ! i'm scared of science.. :/ !  WE GET OUR TESTS BACK AND I DON'T THINK MINE IS THAT GOOD ! :/we also have art which is very bad because we are using sewing machines and i don't like them they are confusing and if you muck up teachers Cristi your work ! .....  and i will do a bad job, get bad marks ! ............. BYE. hope you all have a good day unlike mE ! 


Well hello everyone, I  would just like to address to everyone that it is the LAST DAY OF AUTUMN.  I thought Autumn was cold but wait for WINTER frosty mornings, foggy and frost. It's going to be hard for me to get out of bed....  oh well ! i'll rug up ! but i hate our winter uniform... and i don't get cold that easily. I love summer uniform just an easy dress to put on but with winter uniform you get so hot and sweaty... ugh ! well yeah that's my blog for now ! bye

Friday, 27 May 2011

up and go

i love up and go's they are so tasty. Okay this is sounding boring. I love STRAWBERRY up and go's ... they are so addictive... like drugs... not that i have tried drugs but if you know what i mean...  i am currently drinking one at the moment.. and its STRAWBERRY. My mum bought my brother a litre of up and go. For my brother but my brother doesn't know that i know he has an litre of up and go so I'm stilling like gases every 5 minutes !! people who haven't tried up and go's ... you's have not lived. UP and GO's taste AMAZING they are thick in you mouth and has a great taste. This may seem boring okay yes it is but I'm bored and up and go is the only thing i could think about.