Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Nail Biting


well... i bite my nails not like 24/7 but you know every now and then... i am trying to stop ! But i can't i have bought nail polish stuff that you put on and when you go to bite you nails it leaves a disgusting taste in your mouth. That didn't work because i didn't care about the taste. ( i swear i have problems)   I always make goals and say OK i am not going to bite my nails till Monday.. then about an hour later i have already bitten them. Then the next day after you have bitten them you wake up with sore and cuts around your nails and it looks so foul and embarrassing then i have to try and hide them at school.. so kids won't make fun of me and say whats that ?! My nana said don't chew them its not good for you nails !  they will get infected.. she was right they are always infected. From not on i am actually not gonna chew them.. starting from now. ( chews them)  JOKING !  
i am going to try this for a week. 

toodle-loo's readers. 

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Science Test

Just finished my science test on Ecosystems. I was surprised I finished third out of the whole class. Hopefully it paid off and get good results... Probarly won't but that's okay... not really. So now we get free time on our Awesome Netbooks ! weew ! -.-  .. I thought it might be time for another blog since I haven't wrote one in a while besides yesterday !

Adios Amingo's.


Tuesday, 26 July 2011

I want to buy a sheeps heart/ brain and dissect it !

In science we were talking about a sheeps heart and brain and that you could go buy one and dissect it. They are really cheap to buy. It has got me wondering if I should go and buy one! But i don't know what equipment i would use !? So i might use a really sharp knife, magnifine glass, tweezers, scissors, gloves, torch, box and a (spew bucket) ! it would be really fun but what would you do with it afterwards ?!

Bye For Now Readers.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

I want a French Boy and Girl Bestfriend.

I have been thinking that... I want a boy and girl bestfriend that i can talk to about anything and have a great time with. they will be Fun and Sporty ! W e can go french shopping, eat french food and have sleepovers. thanks readers short blog because school bell just went.!


I have this fear of belly buttons. Just talking about it makes me cringe. I DISLIKE POP OUT BELLY BUTTONS VERY MUCH. Have you ever thought of getting a pin and poking a the poop out belly button and then it explodes with blood. Well i have. I have a innie or whatever belly button... which is yuck. BELLY BUTTONS ARE YUCK AND SHOULDN'T BE INVENTED. who ever invented is disturbing.
Thanks for reading !

see why i hate them? i think i'm going to be sick !

Monday, 6 June 2011


Today i'm going to be talking about Fashion.
My fashion is casual and something you can be free in. I don't wear pants only shorts.

I wish we could go back in time and where the cool retro fashion like they use to like the 60's,70's and 80's. So I'm going to put some photo's up of just fashion. This is a short blog and could be better but i'm burning to crisp here because i'm standing infront a heat that is BURNING but i'm too cold to move !!

Sunday, 5 June 2011


At the moment i'm watching Downton Abbey. I'm thinking to myself i wish we could go back to them days wearing all the heavy clothing what the ladies would wear and have some gentlemen who would open a car door for me, pull my chair out for me when i go to sit down. They just don't make them like they use to these days. In them days you could do everything the normal way without out technology and have a normal life. People would socialise more and get out more with friends and families. They would wear proper clothes that don't show anything such as stomachs etc. So that's my opinion. That is all for another night. Thankyou Readers.