Thursday, 2 June 2011


Bonjour !
I do have another passion besides FRANCE. I have a passion for cooking. My nana is a GREAT cook she has taught me heaps. She has inspired me to be a cook like her. My friends at school love her yo-yo's and so do i. 

When i have had a bad day at school i love to come home and eat my heart out because it makes everything better. My favourite food is Italian food. I love PASTA, LASAGNA and PIZZA. I will be putting some cooking recipes up that we have cooked at school. But not my nana's because there to special and taste so good to be shared around the world. sorry readers ! 

I will be writing 3 recipes. Until i write about my next unit: Fashion.


  1. I love the pictures on this post Danielle, especially the one with the girl in the kitchen... it's very cute! Did you get your pictures from we heart it?

  2. Thanks casey :D i loved the one in the kitchen ! yep i did haha :)