Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Nail Biting


well... i bite my nails not like 24/7 but you know every now and then... i am trying to stop ! But i can't i have bought nail polish stuff that you put on and when you go to bite you nails it leaves a disgusting taste in your mouth. That didn't work because i didn't care about the taste. ( i swear i have problems)   I always make goals and say OK i am not going to bite my nails till Monday.. then about an hour later i have already bitten them. Then the next day after you have bitten them you wake up with sore and cuts around your nails and it looks so foul and embarrassing then i have to try and hide them at school.. so kids won't make fun of me and say whats that ?! My nana said don't chew them its not good for you nails !  they will get infected.. she was right they are always infected. From not on i am actually not gonna chew them.. starting from now. ( chews them)  JOKING !  
i am going to try this for a week. 

toodle-loo's readers. 

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