Tuesday, 31 May 2011


i don't want to go to school tomorrow ! i'm scared of science.. :/ !  WE GET OUR TESTS BACK AND I DON'T THINK MINE IS THAT GOOD ! :/we also have art which is very bad because we are using sewing machines and i don't like them they are confusing and if you muck up teachers Cristi your work ! .....  and i will do a bad job, get bad marks ! ............. BYE. hope you all have a good day unlike mE ! 


  1. Hi Danielle. Turns out you had nothing to worry about yesterday, hey? We didn't even get our test back in science, and we didn't use the sewing Machines in art. You shouldn't worry, Danielle. It will give you wrinkles on your forehead.
    :) from Casey.

  2. Hi Casey,
    I KNOW ! I STRESSED A LITTLE TO MUCH :/ WRINKLES EEK. Not at this age ! Now i have something to worry about !
    from danielle ! :D