Thursday, 7 April 2011

France is the life

i was thinking what to write in my blog and what to start off with.  So i thought maybe talk about why i chose France as my blogging title. I chose France because i love it, i love how elegant it is and the language. My aunty and uncle went over there last year and they loved it ! i might be going with them in 2014 hopefully :). Anyway, In France where ever you go you can not wear Leggings because it is like in Australia walking around in public with just underwear on. Leggings is a BIG no no in France. They will stare at you weirdly if you wear leggings. Or they might think you going to the gym and also no trackies in public trackies are for the gym. In France they dress casually but smartly. They all wear scarfs even on a hot day they will wear it loose. hope you enjoy reading my blog and there is a little intro.

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